Community Groups

The groups place people in relationships with a few others where they are pursuing Jesus’ mission for their life and his world. Community Groups are generally made up of people in the similar life stages, i.e. age, children at home, retirement as well as similar interests like golfing, quilting, or gardening.

A few things to know about Community Groups

How long will the groups stay together?

Ideally you find a group of people that you end up walking through much of life together. Clearly, developing this quality of relationships takes time and a bit of try and try again. The length or life span of a Community Group is sometimes determined by the calendar and always by the people involved.

Will the groups ever take breaks?

Yes, there will be some intentional time off as well as the group itself identifying breaks for specific events. Ultimately the goal is to find a productive rhythm.

Will there be child care?

Yes and no.  Community Groups each determine how they will manage child care. Re|engage meets specific nights at the church and childcare is provided.

How often do they meet?

Typically a Community Group meets weekly. However, the goal is pursuing Jesus’ mission for one’s life and his world in the context of relationship. Focusing upon the goals allows for flexibility in determining how often to gather.

When and where will groups meet?

Almost all Community Groups meet in each other’s homes. It is there that relationships are built.