I'm New

We seek to provide environments where each person could authentically make the following statements:

1. I’m in relationships with a few others where we are pursuing Jesus’ mission for my life and his world.

This is more than simply having Christian friends. It is a level of relationship where mutual authenticity allows others to speak biblically informed wisdom into ones life. The goal of these relationships is not friendship, but life change and the pursuit of Jesus’ mission.

2. God’s word is increasingly governing in my life.

Bible study is essential, however, accumulation of knowledge is not the goal. To come to a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures is to experience life change and a greater understanding of Jesus.

3. I’m serving people in the special way God made me.

These acts of service are like those Jesus teaches us in the Bible. They are connected to people - no act of service we do is an end in itself. To truly serve others you have to be involved in their life.

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