Loving Our Neighbors Well

In the past few days, terminology has entered our everyday speech that may have been completely unknown to us even 14 days ago. "Social distancing" is perhaps chief among those terms. As Christians we are called to care for one other and our hearts are built for community. When the days call for distance or even isolation, we get to find creative ways to love others and build relationships. Here are some of the ideas we have. What are yours?

  • Stay home if you are sick and practicing good hygiene (washing hands, using hand sanitizers, covering sneezes and coughs) and help curb the spread of the virus. This loves the at-risk members of our community well.
  • Share the social media posts for our online services to help connect others with the truth of the hope found only in Christ. You could be a part of someone hearing the gospel for the very first time.
  • Reach out to those you know who are in an at-risk group or who work with at-risk populations. A delivery of some necessary items could be a great help.
  • Contact your neighbors and ask if they have tangible needs you could help meet. We have created this resource for you. You can slip it under a doormat, allowing you to communicate with a neighbor and observe social distance at the same time. We hope you find it beneficial or that it spurs on even greater ideas for loving your neighbors.

We are connecting people who need assistance with members of the congregation who are equipped to help. If you are in either group, please let us know. You can call the church office or use this quick form

While our in-person services have moved online for now, the ministry and mission hasn't changed. If you would like to invest in what God is doing in and through Countryside or continue your established pattern of giving, you can make an online donation or mail a check (2124 S Western Rd, Stillwater OK 74074).

These are interesting times we are living in. It's everyone's first time at a lot of things. Many of the people in our lives have never needed to see an authentically hope-filled Christ follower as much as they do today. Let's trust God to leverage our lives to love others well.

A quick reminder: our services are online-only on March 22nd. Gather at 10:30am in the App, on the website, and on Facebook.

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